History of Hair Removal

Permanent Painless Hair Removal - If you have unwanted hair you are looking to get rid of for good, you should consider laser hair removal treatments.  Do  you know what the largest organ in our body is? Is our skin. Skin is the perfect platform to hair to grow. The process of hair growth and regrowth starts subcutaneously, or under the skin.  The hair follicle is underneath the skin and is what promotes regrowth of hair. The hair shaft is what your eyes see above the skin.


The history of hair removal - razors and waxing, at one point, was very popular. These two methods of hair removal were effective to get rid of unwanted hair immediately but not permanently. If you are lucky, waxing may slow hair growth for a few weeks. Shaving you will need to re-shave every few days to keep the unwanted hair away.


With the development of electrolysis and laser hair removal techniques, the ability to achieve permanent, or at least long lasting hair removal results is possible.



Hair removal resources: waxing, shaving, laser hair removal, flash n go among other treatments and products for permanent painless hair removal